Screentime with Toddlers

An interesting article came out recently by a company in Philly talking about the amount of time kids use devices in their daily lives.  You won’t eve believe the staggering numbers.  As a mom to a two-year-old and a seven-year-old, I am 100% guilty of hiring a device babysitter for my boys when I need one.  I met this mom who goes to a school in the Philly region who shared her experience with her son who once hit her.  She said that the teacher suggested taking away the media.

And it never happened to this mom again.  The kid totally changed!

We are a little bit of everything in our house.  We range from no devices to all day with devices.  I’m not saying that what we do is right….but what I am saying is that knowledge is power.  Parents have to know what is going on with their kids at all times.  That includes what they say or do with their digital sidekicks that all the kids love.

Remember the days when all we cared about was our older sibling to get off the big phone that is on the wall so we can finally call our friends?  Yup.  Those days are long over.

Check out our conversation, Toddlers and Tech.  What do you do in your house?


Joey Fortman (Founder, RealityMoms)

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