RealityMoms is a community website with up to 30 regular monthly contributors.  Not only are these writers and vloggers the heart and soul of our brand they are also amazing and creative influencers of their own.

When we built our community we wanted it to provide an authentic voice for parents across the globe, an amazing resources and strategy for brands, and to become a place that we could recognize and support the uniqueness of our writers!

And fun.  It had to be fun.

So, we created our monthly RealityMoms ROCKS box.

Product placement loved from 'real moms in media' across North America that women LOVE to slap a hashtag on! #RealityMoms

What it is?

A monthly drop shipped, or HQ shipped box filled with goodies for our contributors.

What you will find in it?
Product placement loved from ‘real moms in media’ across North America that women LOVE to slap a hashtag on! #RealityMoms

What it does? 
It gets YOUR product into the hands of OUR writers…with clear calls to action for next steps!
How does it work?

You choose a ROCKS BOX package from the options, pick a month for inclusion, and then we work to get the product, AND the deliverables to our writers.  Each month our writers will “opt in” to the box, and agree to the deliverables.

And Then?
Once the box has been delivered, you just WAIT for the support to come in.  Our writers will tweet, post, gram and even snap & get the guts to go LIVE (depending on what we ask for) across their channels. And, for bigger projects, we can create custom video, blog posts and more that all support YOUR product!

We can even deliver a report of how your RealityMoms Rocks Box rocked the web!

Contact us today to learn more or check here to see our current Reality #RocksBox packages.