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Spotting One of Your Own

I know my tribe. I wanted to swim over and fist-bump ya or give you a high five. Of course, I had my own son to keep eyes on in the over-crowded pool. Plus, I never figured out a good opening line when I spot another ASD family.


A New Season of Parenting: Moving to College

If this “Yo-Yo Mom” has learned nothing else in this season of parenting, it’s that the return never lasts long enough. So I plan to relish our time together. I’m going to ignore the messes, deal with the erratic sleep schedule, and spend the time making his favorite meals.


Gym Clothes and Participation Trophies

Take your kids something they forgot, you are not teaching them responsibility. Help with homework, you are a Tiger Mom. Go overboard on a school project, you’re doing it to make yourself look good. Sign your kid up for too many activities, you’re going to stress them out.


Thirty Things I’ve Learned in my Thirties

I’m officially in the final week of my thirties and to be honest, I’m actually struggling a bit with this one. I thought I’d be excited and sort of let time roll along, but turning forty is a pretty major milestone and it’s made me reflect on all the things (good and bad) that happened during the decade of my thirties.


Mom’s Day Off

She leapt from the shower, cheeks flushed from excitement and warm water. “Why stop with clean hair?” she asked the woman grinning back at her in the hazy mirror. She reached for her mascara wand and brazenly plumped her eyelashes.

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