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You’re Body Shaming Chrissy Teigen? Give Your Head A Shake.

Last week, supermodel Chrissy Teigen was photographed with husband John Legend in the background, and he appears to be cringing.

Why My Facebook Posts are All Sweetness and Sunshine

Facebook is a lot like how I imagine quicksand to be. If you tread lightly, you are fine, but if you linger a little too long you start to get sucked in.
girl's weekend

Ditch the Mom Guilt and Take a Girl’s Weekend

Mom needs some time to relax and refresh too - so ditch the mom guilt and spend some time catching up with your besties on a girl's weekend in Vegas.

Thanks, But I Didn’t Ask

Why is it that the second your first child leaves your womb, there’s a line of people out the door ready to bombard you with unsolicited advice?

My Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

My hair became impossibly thick. I started getting teased in grade school as the adorable curls morphed into some curls, some shag carpeting.

Left to My Own Devices: The Reality of My Motherhood

Left to my own devices, I wonder if we are being supportive of other mothers in this world. I wonder if we need to put down those devices and wake up.

She Was More than A Friend…She Was My Soul Sister

Four years ago, I spent a very rainy Friday afternoon in a temple sitting with other mourners as I listened to a rabbi say beautiful things about a friend I knew…

There is No “Just” in Adoption

The next time someone says, “you can just adopt”, feel free to kindly remind them that adoption is much harder than one would ever guess.

Dear Mermaids: Body Image is not a Trend

At the beach this summer, I saw two young teens snapping photos at the edge of the water. The pair giggled at first, trying to get just the right shot with the ocean in the background, catching the sun dancing off the waves. Both wore their hair up in top...

I was Seven and I’m Still Traumatized

I was seven when it happened; roughly the same age as my kids are now. I got lost at the zoo. And I'm still traumatized by it.