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Being Pregnant Sucks…But I Want Another Baby

Pregnancy is nothing like commercials suggest, with moms caressing their perfectly rounded-bellies with a look of content and utter joy. No hemorrhoids or stretch marks, or persistent nausea. Maybe that’s why it took me until my second pregnancy to admit that baking a baby for nine months is anything but bliss. Being pregnant sucks! It’s the memories of my two past pregnancies that are holding me back from having a third (much wanted) baby. Every time I begin to contemplate to start trying to have another baby these little reminders…

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For You, Of Whom We Do Not Speak

The day just passed and I didn’t register it. Five years. Recently there has been a sorrow in me I couldn’t identify. Now I understand. It’s natural I didn’t have the date in mind. We barely speak of you. Of your loss. What is that?! Why don’t we talk about you? Because it is too raw, even five years later? It feels like we’ve made you a dirty secret; you were anything but. You were an immense joy & your life crystallised our love for each other. You illuminated the…

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#RealityMoms: My Pregnancy Was So Bad… I

Pregnancy is almost always pictured as a time when some “glow” and eat healthy salads while their husbands wait on them hand and foot. #RealityMoms called BS – we asked them to tell us how bad their pregnancies got. My pregnancy was so bad, that even though I had a C-section, and later had complications from the C-section, I still felt 100% better the minute my beautiful daughter was out!! (Kathy Radigan – My Dishwasher’s Possessed) My pregnancies were so bad those little [guys] didn’t want to come out just…

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