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summer scholarship motivation strategies

5 Smart Summer Scholarship Motivation Strategies

For college-bound students, summer is the best time to work on scholarship motivation strategies - to get a jump on the game before school starts.
save money when your child goes away to college

Saving Money When Your Child Goes Away To College

Sending a student away to college is life-changing for parents and students. It's still possible to save money when your child goes away to college.

Touring Universities Near and Far

As my son has started touring universities, I'm finding I have conflicted feelings. I want to help him out the door, but he's still my baby.

7 Life Strategies Your Child Needs Before College

But when they do get into college (and they will), how do we know if they are ready to go? How do we let go as parents this year—on some things—but not everything? How do WE know they are prepared, and what can we do to ensure they are?

Don’t Wait Until High School is Over to Start Planning for College!

I'm starting planning for college now. I'm shopping for what he needs now. We're researching with him where he can save money...and where I can as well.

College Admissions Craziness: What I Want My Teen to Know

The college admissions scandal is prompting a lot of discussions - including the one I'm having with my high school junior.

When Do You Change the Conversation from Restraint to Responsibility?

After years of talking about under-aged drinking with my son, I never shifted the conversation from restraint to responsibility. At age 21, we figure they can do what they want. The drinking conversation stops. It shouldn't. It should change. I can't believe I never thought of this.
10 Things To Teach Your Kids Before College

10 Things To Teach Your Kids Before College

It's never too soon to start preparing your kids for college. Check out these 10 Things To Teach Your Kids Before College.

My Last Kid Goes to College Next Year…I’m Not Ready

I have been staunchly avoiding declaring all of the "lasts" as his senior year in high school sails by at a pace so fast that I can hardly keep up.

How to Choose Who Will Write Your Letter of Recommendation Writer for College Scholarships

Students seeking college scholarship money need to think long and hard about who they ask to write their letters of recommendation.