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This Is Us: The Often-Forgotten NICU Warriors

I watched teary-eyed when baby Jack on This Is Us was placed in the NICU. In an instant, I was transported back two years to when my own baby was born.

Family Conscious Workplaces Ditch the Mom Guilt

There are many feelings associated with parenting: joy, anxiety, love, and even fear. When I was pregnant with both of my children I certainly felt all of these.  I wanted to be the best mother I could be. Sometimes it scared me that I was the one responsible for nurturing...

10 Things No One Told Me About The NICU

While my child was in the NICU, I had plenty of time to read every top ten preemie list I could get my hands on. Here's what I found.
finding the perfect daycare

Top Ten Tips to Find the Perfect Daycare

You want to find the right place for your child - this top ten list will help you find the perfect daycare for your baby.

Mom Radar is Real and It’s Freaking Me Out

Mom radar is real and it’s freaking me out. I swear my child has some sixth sense that tells her when I look too comfortable because she wakes up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Letting Go of the “Wish” Daughter I Never Had

Your name is Emily. You are loved. Fiercely. You complete our family, and it is hard to imagine being without you. But you don’t exist. You never did. And you never will.

An Apology To My Preemie

I'm sorry my body failed you. Protecting my children is a most fundamental desire—but we had to keep me healthy so that I could be there to see you grow up.

What To Do When Your Baby Hates Water

After spending a whole nine months being immersed in the amniotic fluid you'd think babies would naturally love water. But what if your baby hates water?

Plan Not to Plan

There are grooves and waves of the universe’s plan, and as much as it IS necessary to have goals, it’s also completely needed to be open to the “non-plan.”

Premature Anxiety: Out Too Soon

We may have been safe, but we were not unscathed. I felt the potential catastrophes around each corner. And in the shadows lurked the great What Ifs. The Could Have Beens packed themselves into each crack of my surface.