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How Radio Can Beat the Influencer Game and Save Families

Traditional media needs to get into the online game! Where are you radio?

I Just Made the Last Preschool Payment…I Should Be Happy

There are so many reasons I should be celebrating. Making that last preschool payment should make me want to jump for joy...but I'm not.

Easy Ways to Make or Save Money This Summer

If you're looking for a few easy ways to save and make money this summer, keep reading. I've got a few ideas to help you have fun without breaking the bank.

5 Smart Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale with Kids

Staging your home can be overwhelming for even a person without kids. Add all the extra elements in the mix and it can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t have a plan.

Money Management 101 for College Kids

Of all the things I wish they taught in school, I wish there were a better understanding of budgeting and debt. I graduated high school with a ton of bad advice on establishing a credit rating and almost no concept of financial planning beyond “How to Operate a Savings Account.”...

Teaching My Kids the Value of Work

Both my mom and step-dad had great jobs and we never talked about money. I know I was privileged, but I want my children to understand the value of work.

A Married Mom’s Message: Being a Single Mom is Hard

Feeling like you are doing it on your own as a married mom is not the same as actually doing it on your own. Being a single mom is hard.

3 Things a Resourceful Single Mom Can Do for Extra Cash

Post break-up, you might find you need a little extra money. Why not take that extra time you have while the kids are with your ex to get some extra cash?

The Many Dimensions of Mom Guilt When You’re a Working Mom

Mom guilt is not something I ever thought I would struggle with. I loved my career and grew up with two parents who worked long hours. I turned out fine, so why would my son be any different?

Teens, Tech, and Money: Gaining Control of those Mystery Charges

When they were still bitties, my boys spent $250 on Smurf berries. They had no idea they were spending real money—and neither did we until our credit card statement showed up.