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Yard Sale Survival 101: I Did It and You Can Too!

Having a yard sale? The first step is to gather all your loot. But once you've got everything ready, I've got 10 things to consider for yard sale day.

Doing Less Has Changed My Life

One day, I came home with my kids, and for the first time ever, did nothing. They were shocked, but no one died. Doing less has changed my life.

Adjusting to Three, When We Wanted Four

Thea’s clothes and baby things have been sitting in the basement for the past three years in the hopes that some sort of miracle pregnancy would happen.

I Let My Kids Destroy Our House So I Can Stay Sane

I used to be a mom who kept a very clean house. But after kid two, and then kid three, I had to learn to let some things go.

What to Do When Things Don’t Bring Joy

“Come,” the face said. “Let me help you break free of this average life. Let me help you find your joy by throwing away half your stuff.”

I Will Purge More and Be Free

I've been in a heavy and dark place, and I'm finding I feel weighed down by all of the "stuff" in my life. It's time for a purge. A big one.

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Goodwill Shopping

Looking for more variety, more unique and special items, than the shelves of your department store has to offer? Try Goodwill!

Out with the Old Before In with the New

Our lives tend to get cluttered with "stuff", especially around the holidays. In our house, we practice out with the old before in with the new.

“Stuff” That Happens When Your Aging Parents Need to Move

The reason my aging parents' things have made their way to my home—and the homes of my siblings—is they're moved to a senior living apartment.

A Professional Organizer Dishes: How to “Fake” a Clean House

Professional Organizer Darla Dermorrow shares her tips for keeping the appearance of a clean house...even when you don't have time to clean it.