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What To Do When Your Baby Hates Water

One would think that after spending a whole nine months being immersed in the amniotic fluid that they would naturally love being in the water. But sometimes that is just not the case. You may find yourself with a baby that hates the water. This can not only make bath time not very relaxing but cooling off in a pool during those warm summer months not very fun either. So what do you do when your baby hates the water? Here are some tips and tricks that will help your…

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6 Things to Do Now for the 2017 Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and you may be scrambling to get all your ducks in order. Every year we promise ourselves that we will be more organized and a bit wiser when it comes to tax season. It is our own fault when we do not get the most as we can back from tax season due to our poor skills in keeping track of receipts and papers organized. While 2016 may have been a bust, now is the time to make sure 2017 is your best tax season…

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