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Kathryn Dickson (Video Maven)

For more than 15 years, Kathryn has proven herself to be an industrious, creative storyteller and leader in the post production television industry in Toronto, who has the versatility to jump from factual programming, to reality, to experiential reality-docs and even old school documentary, without losing her mind. The only thing that has made her lose it is motherhood.

Forget the Spa, Adventure is my Self Care

For me to really fill my cup, I have to seek out an adventure that pushes me to my physical limits and makes me weak in the knees.

Why Mom Should Get Away and Travel Solo

I took off on my family for a few days to travel solo and went to the most bizarre places—places with seemingly no connection to me—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (with a side excursion north of Prince...
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Savings is Only One Reason to Stay On-Site at Disney

I've done both - and I must say, I recommend that you stay on-site at Disney for your family vacation and cost isn't the only reason.

I Will Purge More and Be Free

I've been in a heavy and dark place, and I'm finding I feel weighed down by all of the "stuff" in my life. It's time for a purge. A big one.

Family Fun at Ontario’s Bonnechere Provincial Park!

When Ontario Parks offered us one of their four rustic cabins to try out glamping at Bonnechere Provincial Park, I knew that would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my kids (ease them in)...

I’m Rocking My Mom Bod and Enjoying the Summer

I was surprised on a recent trip to see the number of moms carelessly frolicking with their kids. Their mom-bods fully exposed. THE HORROR!

Get Your Car Road-Trip Ready

Before you pack your cooler with food, your bathing suits, towels and your kids into the car, you need to make sure that you are not at risk of having a weird smell that...

I’m Home With The Kids for the Summer and I’m Terrified

After nine full years of being a full-time working mom, I'll be home with the kids for the summer. And I'm absolutely terrified.

A Chance to Escape: I Lock the Door

My moment, a chance to escape. I lock the door. My reprieve from the chaos. I make noises like the toilet seat lifting, hitting the tank. I drop my belt on the floor for...

What Would You Do If A Stranger Fed Your Toddler?

I let a complete and total stranger attempt to feed my three-year-old son in a restaurant. At first, I was weirded out and stared with my momma-bear-stabbing eyes with murder on my mind. Make...