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Tova Leigh

Tova Leigh

Tova is an actress, writer, blogger and mother of three drama queens.  You can find her at Tova's Blog: My Thoughts About Stuff.

A Love Letter to My Last Child

Dear last child of mine, You are the last baby I will hold, the last baby whose soft body I will smell, the last one I will feed and comfort at night.

Big And Happy

I must have been ten years old when I overheard an older cousin of mine say “I bet Tova will struggle with her weight her entire life, just like her mother”. I had no...

Doing Less Has Changed My Life

One day, I came home with my kids, and for the first time ever, did nothing. They were shocked, but no one died. Doing less has changed my life.

Having A Sense of Humor is Essential When You Are A Parent

Mainly (and this is the key to parenting), I am learning to laugh at MYSELF. You see, I used to take myself SO seriously.
my absolute best

I Am Doing My Absolute Best

We're constantly told what we’re doing wrong in raising our children, and I for one am really sick of it. I'm doing my absolute best.

C-Sections are Beautiful

I recently heard a story about a photographer refusing to document a C-section birth, because they did not consider it to be an actual birth and worthy of documenting. The story broke out on...
not a maid

#RealityCheck: I’m a Mom, Not a Maid

I know this is radical thinking (I’m being sarcastic), but honestly – if people actually think that women LIKE cleaning everyone else’s wee off the floors, walls and toilet seats, or that it is...

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I used to be married to someone else. It’s not something many people know about me. Not because I hide it, just because it was a long time ago and my life today is...
magical childhood

It’s Not My Job to Make Your Childhood Magical

“We all work so damn hard trying to make our kids lives magical. They’re already magical.“ This line that Mila Kunis’ character says in the new movie Bad Moms really got me thinking. You...

Where Is The Love?

I woke up this morning and heard the devastating news about the events that took place in Nice, France last night. Shaved my legs, got the kids ready for school and nursery, had one...