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Alison Tedford is a Canadian freelance writer. She is a mom and a skinny vanilla latte enthusiast. She's looking for her keys. Have you seen them? You can find Alison at Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops, on Facebook and on Twitter.

I Thought I Wasn’t Like the Rest…

I wasn’t the things the world rolls its eyes about women. I wasn’t a pumpkin-spiced, infinity scarfed hot mess who dotted her i’s with hearts with a pretty pink pen on scented paper. That wasn’t...

Making Room for Someone Else’s Babies

The excitement is palpable. I am preparing for the arrival of someone else’s “babies”. In blending our families, the bulge is in my heart, not my belly.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Post-Divorce

Post-divorce, I realized that my son's love isn’t a bank balance, with his love for his stepmother detracting from love for me.