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Latanya Muhammad is a student advisor, group facilitator and freelance writer in Maryland. When she is not writing, she is wrangling her two children and husband. To read more of her work, or to interact, visit her website SheTanAgainWrites or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Why Do Parents Call their Children by the Wrong Name?

Researchers asked 1,700 people if they ever called someone by the wrong name. Have you ever done it?

Sandy Hook Promise’s Riveting Back-to-School PSA

It’s not how I envisioned school for my children. Or any child. But this is reality. And Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA drives that point home.

Parenting is Not an Innate Ability

Parenting is not an innate ability. It does not live in all of us and then magically presents itself the day our children are born.

Dear Mom: I Get It Now

Dear Mom: As a kid, I always thought it was funny that you didn’t get caught up in the hoopla that came with Mother’s Day.

How to Handle Homework Frustrations

Homework. There is something about that word, years after I finished with school, that still sends shivers down my spine.

Family Conscious Workplaces Ditch the Mom Guilt

There are many feelings associated with parenting: joy, anxiety, love, and even fear. When I was pregnant with both of my children I certainly felt all of these.  I wanted to be the best...

I’m Raising my Daughter to be Fierce

Being fierce is a topic that calls for self-reflection. I want my daughter to be fierce, but in a way that speaks to her personality and sense of self.

How to Keep the Conversation Going with Tweens and Teens

While we cannot control our kids’ thoughts or feelings, what we can do is find new approaches so that we are having a conversation versus a monologue.

How to Deal with the School Bully

Bullying. The not so last frontier of childhood. Despite the passing of decades, it is one piece of childhood that refuses to go away.

My Son Cried When I Told Him Where Babies Come From

When I became pregnant with my second child, besides how the baby got there, nothing intrigued my son more than how the baby would get out.