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Serendipity Indigo is the self-proclaimed Queen of Silver Linings. She frequently writes about the struggle to find the bright side on her blog Mother of Serendipity. Although raised a military brat, she's called New York City home for the last 16 years. Now a wife & stay at home mother to her two young Rebels she can be found ranting, raving, looking for unexpected treasures, and committing random acts of photography. Most of this randomness is shared on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever other social medias the kids are into these days.

My Kids Take Melatonin: Don’t Judge Me

My children take melatonin. Every. Single. Night. We refer to their nightly doses as their “meds.” As in, “Are you ready to brush your teeth, or do you still need your meds?”

I Hate Playdates, But My Kid Needs to Learn How to Socialize

"Are you doing Mommy and Me? Does he have playdates? How will you socialize him?" Why are playdates the only solution for socialization?

Lazy Mom’s Guide to the Perfect Staycation

Some moms might plan their kids time to the point of overscheduling. Not me. I've created the lazy mom's guide to staycation.

For You, Of Whom We Do Not Speak

Even now words fail me. I usually say "miscarriage", but it was in some ways much worse than that. I was so sick. At the time we didn't know why.

Winter is Wonderful at Canaan Valley Resort

After the familiar drive from NYC to West Virginia Eastern Panhandle, we arrived at Canaan Valley Resort, after dark in the midst of a snow storm.

When Your Elf on the Shelf Needs a Career Change

I had reservations when we got our Elf on the Shelf, the mischievous Donnie. He warmed on me, but only after he changed jobs.

Please, Stop Asking “Are You Going Back To Work?”

"Are you going back to work once your son goes to school? Or will you wait for both to be in school?" Stop. Just stop asking.

To the Woman in the Line Next to Me at IKEA Sunday Night

I saw you in line on IKEA Sunday night. You were watching my husband and I interact with our children. I worried you were judging me.

Becoming a ‘Real’ Mom

I have always loved The Velveteen Rabbit, to the point where I decorated my baby's nursery with illustrations from a paperback version I bought expressly for tearing it apart.

I was Seven and I’m Still Traumatized

I was seven when it happened; roughly the same age as my kids are now. I got lost at the zoo. And I'm still traumatized by it.