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Rhiannon Giles is an overwhelmed mother who only occasionally considers giving her children to the circus. She has a sarcasm problem and writes regularly at To keep up with new posts and see some of her favorites, join her on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Take Your Kids Camping without Losing Your Mind

Camping is easy enough as an adult...until you have kids. When you take your kids camping, there's so much more that you have to consider.

In Defense of Unusual Baby Names

The first day of school would inevitably include the correction of my name in the vast majority of rolls called. It’s not “Rhianna” or “Rhiawwna.” I don’t know why people seem to assume the...

No Underwater Piano for My Kid

Underscheduled? My daughter looks at hobbies like a buffet—today she is on another ballet kick, last month it was pottery. She can't pick just one.
burned-out mother

Burned-Out Mother Seeks Personal Assistant

I recently found myself standing in Target, unable to move. I stared intently at the boxes of pasta, trying to appear deep in thought on the relative merits of angel hair vs. rotini and...

In the Mommy Wars, I am Switzerland

What if the mommy wars are just a very vocal minority trying to make life difficult for the rest of us?
summer day camp

How to Choose a Summer Day Camp

The reality is that I have no earthly idea what I am doing with the big kid during school breaks, and have mostly been covering my ears and humming repetitive tunes rather than having...

10 Things No One Told Me About The NICU

While my child was in the NICU, I had plenty of time to read every top ten preemie list I could get my hands on. Here's what I found.
Christmas puppy surprise

Puppy Surprise Is Everything Wrong With Maternity Care in America

The box invites you to see Puppy Surprise make weird panting noises. It is not the sound of a happy dog. It is the sound of a dog mid-panic attack.

Open Letter to the Lazy Mother in the Grocery Store

Dear Lazy Mother in the Grocery Store, Lunchables? Really? I heard your kid whining for popsicles. I saw you reach into the freezer and ask which type.

I Think I’m Failing Kindergarten

I think I’m failing Kindergarten. My pre-parenthood M.O. was to avoid the stuff that overwhelmed me. Especially school. Because math.