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Last Minute Halloween? Slacker Mom’s Got You

The key to creating a simple, last-minute Halloween ensemble is to embrace your inner slacker. Halloween is all about having fun. If costumes are stressing you, you’re missing the point. If KIDS are stressing...

Five Things To Think About Before Your First Family Camping Trip

While there were plenty of things we did right on our first family camping trip, there are plenty of others we could have done better.

5 Things I Learned Supporting My Best Friend Through Divorce

My best friend of a decade is going through a divorce. She has three young children and ending the marriage was not her choice.

My Special Needs Daughter is Not Invisible: Please Treat Her Like a Person

I spent yet another day at the doctor's office trying to convince the staff that my daughter is not invisible just because she has special needs.
obnoxious things

5 Obnoxious Things that Only Moms of Boys Experience

It's been a long haul to become the mother of a teen boy. These are five obnoxious things that only moms of boys have to experience.

No, the Second Kid Isn’t Easier than the First

You've seen the memes and advertisements. With the first kid, the mom is fussy and uncertain; by the second kid, they're confident and together.

Why Do They Want Me to Watch them Poop?

Why in the world do they want me to watch them poop? Most people like privacy when they are using the commode, but my three kids, they prefer an audience. AND not just your...

Communication is not Confrontation

Communication is an exchange of ideas and an understanding of what those ideas are. Confrontation is often loud, forceful, and can feel disrespectful.

7 Ways to Be More Positive About Your Marriage Right Now

Unlike the weather, you can change the conditions in your marriage. You can decide to have a relationship that’s sunny and clear.

The Reason Grief Feels Eternal

Your wound is the entry point of the loss. It is agonizingly long in the beginning and then, before you know it, twenty-seven years have passed.