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Ambrosia Brody is a full-time editor, journalist and mother to two spirited daughters. She lives in Southern California in a beach city but hates the sand; enjoys people watching but hates small talk. She started to blog at Random Aspects of (My) Life when she realized everything she knew about parenting was wrong. Go visit her at Random Aspects of (My) Life

How I Got My Kids to Help Take Care of the Dogs

Our daughters’ love for the dogs continues to grow every day and so does their interest in helping to take care of them.

Being Pregnant Sucks…But I Want Another Baby

Being pregnant for me meant months of being uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep. I was constantly nauseous. Being pregnant sucks...but I want another baby.

My Threenager Makes the Terrible Twos Look Easy

When my daughter blew out three candles on her birthday cake I thought we had done it. Together, my husband and I had survived the terrible twos. Together we endured the meltdowns and shared...

How to Take Your Kids to the Beach in 48 Easy Steps

We live about a fifteen-minute drive from the beach, which to some people sounds ideal—being only a short drive away from the sandy shore of a popular beach that in-landers flock to once the...

Thrifting Before Christmas: How I Rein in the Clutter

We usually hold their birthday party in early December—right smack dab in the middle of their birthdays—which makes its prime thrifting time.

#FuegoBox: The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Buying gifts for my husband has always been a struggle. For the first few years I only had to worry about coming up with really good gift ideas for his birthday and Christmas –...