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Dana Baker

Dana Baker

Dana Baker is a writer, a not-so-perfect mom of two and a Parent and Teen Coach. Founder of Parenting In Real Life, Dana knows first hand the challenges of raising a child with anxiety as well as ADHD and some depression. She understands the ups, the downs and the downright uglies and offers a reality check and a dose of good humor in her advice from the trenches. Dana has been featured in RealityMoms, Grown & Flown,, Thrive Global, and ADDitude. You can find more about Dana on Parenting in Real Life.

Learning to Deal with Teen Anger

Anger is a typical, healthy emotional response to outside stressors. How do we help our teens feel anger without going overboard?

Preparing for Your First College Drop Off

As college drop-off day approaches, you and your teens are likely to wrestle with a wide range of emotions. Remember to breathe.

How To Deal With Teenagers when they lie, and keep lying

I catch him lying, he knows he’s lying, he knows I know he’s lying…and he lies anyway.

Avoid the Summer Slide: Sneak in Some Learning!

It's summer, time for a break and a recharge, but summer can be hard for parents—kids are home and want to be entertained. How do you avoid the dreaded summer slide?

Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

Water is seriously magical. All you need is a bucket of water, a pool, water gun, or a sprinkler to make your child and her friends happy and engaged.

10 Tips for Taming the Homework Monster

As a parent, I struggled with whether I helped too much with homework, nagged too much or was being naïve in taking their word when they didn't have any.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Motherhood

As new mothers, we all want to know the secret that all the other good moms seem to know. Here are ten tips that will help you, mama.

7 Life Strategies Your Child Needs Before College

But when they do get into college (and they will), how do we know if they are ready to go? How do we let go as parents this year—on some things—but not everything? How...

How to Survive Prom Dress Shopping

Spring is here and with it the time-honored mother/daughter prom dress shopping expedition. An entire day of bonding—what could be better?

5 Tips for the Senior Mom from a Mom Who’s Been There

Now it's Senior Year and at times it's going to feel like you won't make it through. Of course we will! (This is my second time so I know it's doable).