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7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Empty Nest

Does it feel like yesterday the kids were heading off to kindergarten even though they’re almost adults? I swear yesterday we were playing with LEGOs, and I was cutting the crusts of their PB and J sandwiches. It wasn’t, though, and logically I know that. In my “mom brain,” they’ve grown up overnight, and I’m faced with an almost empty nest. Before the kids have moved out completely, I’ve decided to start preparing for an empty nest – when it’s just my husband and me. 7 Ways I’m Preparing for…

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Easy Ways to Make or Save Money This Summer

If you’re looking for a few easy ways to make or save money this summer, keep reading—I’ve got a few ideas that will let you have fun without breaking the bank or blowing the budget. Summer time fun doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable. It’s all about savoring the moments and the activities you most enjoy. Focus on the experiences rather than on what you’re buying. Save Money This Summer Whether you’re saving money for your first home, a vacation or simply to pay down your debts, you…

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Staying Healthy in the Summer Heat

You may thank that figuring out how to stay healthy in the summer would be pretty easy, and for some people it probably is. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen those fitness fanatics jogging by your window when it’s 95F outside and wondered how they do it. I’m one of those people who loses any energy I may have as soon as the temperatures rise above 85F. Add to that the fact that I’ll be fifty in a few months, and you can probably understand my struggle. Realistically, we…

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