Brandee Foster

Singing, dancing, and laughing through motherhood (and life in general) was how Brandee thought things would be when she found out she was pregnant. In reality though, as a mum of one crazy and amazing dude, she often finds herself laughing at fart jokes and dancing through sword fights. Brandee likes to approach life in a straight-up way with honesty, a sense of humour, and lots of sass. She blogs about the good, the bad and the real when it comes to life, love, and everything in between at One Crazy Kid. You can also keep up with the antics of the One Crazy family on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Sometimes You Can’t Walk It Off

I stepped funny before school drop off—I was probably doing and thinking of a thousand different things at the time, in that way that anyone who has ever gotten a kid off to school is fully familiar with—and felt a pop.