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Darla Halyk

Darla Halyk

Darla Halyk is the Mom of a teenage boy and girl. Proudly Canadian she was born and raised in Langley, British Columbia where she still resides today. She has a Master's Degree in Verbal Irony with a major in Sarcasm. Currently working on a book, she also writes for her blog at New World Moms regarding whatever comes to her mind. Her ability to write raw, real and honestly has featured her on The Elephant Journal, Scary Mommy, Your Tango, BLUNTmoms, HuffPo, BlogHer and more. She writes because she loves words, and she loves words because they can change the world.

When Parenting Doesn’t Go As Planned

These two teens living in my house, have survived every parenting mistake I have made. No one is perfect; we are all learning as we go. And that is the one lesson, the most...

When Your Child Says ‘I Hate You’

Her words, I hate you, kept playing over in my head. I could feel her hostility towards me, the mere fact I was standing in her room, had her head spinning.

I’m Not Ready for an Empty Nest

The great big book of parenting (which none of us actually receives) never warned me of the absolute fear I would have of an empty nest.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Children’s StepMom

When my daughter came home to tell me her Father, (my ex-husband), had asked his girlfriend to marry him, she was beaming. She proudly pulled out her phone to show me a picture of...

GIVEAWAY: All My Friends Are Having Babies (And They Can Keep Them)

Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. It seems like everyone, and their dog is having babies lately. At least in my circle of friends. To be fair, I have...