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Heather Jones

Heather Jones

Heather M. Jones is a wife of one, mom of two, and a writer of things. She loves Toronto, social justice, and sarcasm.

What to Do When Things Don’t Bring Joy

“Come,” the face said. “Let me help you break free of this average life. Let me help you find your joy by throwing away half your stuff.”

When They Aren’t Fighting…It’s Amazing

Sometimes it feels like all they do is fight, but sometimes it gets quiet. And when they aren't fighting, my children are pretty amazing.

The Too Often Untold Joys of Parenting an Older Child

I never imagined how amazing having an older child would be. I'm in the sweet spot. Maturity and innocence wrapped into one. And I am loving it.

My Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

My hair became impossibly thick. I started getting teased in grade school as the adorable curls morphed into some curls, some shag carpeting.

Letting Go of the “Wish” Daughter I Never Had

Your name is Emily. You are loved. Fiercely. You complete our family, and it is hard to imagine being without you. But you don’t exist. You never did. And you never will.

I Got Important Work Done Today

I did nothing today. I had plans. I had responsibilities. I have articles to write, and things to clean. I have lists and chores and things to get to. But I did none of...

If My Kid Can Go Nut-Free, So Can Yours

My son ate peanut butter all day every day during the summer, but now that he’s back to school in a nut-free environment, he has given up his beloved peanut butter for 6.5 hours...

Depression is Hard

I'd love to go for a work out, but you see, it seems getting out of bed is going to require all of my energy today. Depression is hard.

Stop Calling Me Brave

If doing anything "regular" people do while fat is brave, then that means there is something shameful about being fat.