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Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler is wife to Jeff and mom to two boys, Will and Ben. She is a non-profit professional by day and an expert in cleaning marker off upholstery by night. She lives in Colorado with her boys and her cat Gracie, who adds another female to the mix. You can find her on her blog,I Dream of Naptime

In Offense of the Word “Tard”

If it’s not retarded, it might be "short bus" or even a word so seemingly benign as “special”. But make no mistake—there’s no love behind these words.

The Badassery When Women Unite

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend away from my family at the Big Mother House Retreat. A weekend away is a blessing and a curse.

Hiking with Kids and Actually Having Fun!

We like to get out and explore, and hiking is one of the best ways to do it.  With a little bit of preparation, it can even be fun!

My Husband Left for a Week and Here’s What Happened

Until now, I thought that I was the reason that things went well when I left my husband with the kids. But now, I've realized that it takes teamwork to make it work.

Bedtime for Crazy Pants: How We Turned Bedtime from Chaos to Calm

Bedtime at my house is bedlam. Every night plays out the same: things go flying, the shrieks get louder. Boys go crazy, Mom goes bonkers.

Potty Training: When It Feels Like it Will Never End

When we started our potty training journey with my son, I thought that starting early, well before kindergarten was a good idea...

Summertime Reads for Any Mom

It’s summer, which means warm weather, road trips, and vacations to see Grandma—which means I also get a few to read a good book!

Sometimes it’s Just Easier to Do It Myself

My husband is a perfectly capable human being. Completely. Given a to-do list, he will do anything I ask him to. But sometimes, it’s easier to do it myself.

The Sixth Stage of Grief: Fear that It Will Happen Again

We all know the stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I’ve been through them...and added a sixth stage—fear.

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Life with Toddlers

I hear that three and a half is magical, and that children turn the corner from beast to beauty, but I’m still waiting...