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Discrimination: My Son Can Hear You

When it comes to them and their special needs, nothing sets off a special needs mom like discrimination. In school, I worry children will not accept them for who they are. In the world, I have to teach them about fairness and how to accept what you can’t change. Never did I feel like I would have to teach them about discrimination within my town. This is an open letter to anyone who has ever made fun of or treated another with special abilities differently. To Whom it May Concern:…

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The First Time I Held My Child

When most women hold their baby for the first time they experience a warm and fuzzy feeling. For me, it was a moment filled with hesitation and fear. When the doctor placed my son in my arms, I became not only a first-time mom, but I also became a special needs mom. I remember every moment leading up to his birth. Even him being so gently placed in my arms. In what should have been an excited and happy moment, I faced the biggest fear that any mother would want…

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