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About Joey Fortman and Reality Moms

About Reality Moms

Reality Moms was built with one goal in mind: sharing the TRUTH about the realities of motherhood.


Too many women feel pressured to share only the glossy photoshopped images of life and live this whole world behind a computer fully stocked with all the plugins and candy-coated cliches available. This is not reality.  Be who you REALLY are in this world and not what everyone else expects you to be.  It doesn’t matter if you are a mom or a mommy blogger – we as women have to stand up and support the ones who don’t have a voice or legs to stand on for themselves.  Reality Moms is a community of over 250 writers and contributors from all over North America bringing their voice to the issues that women face today.

Take back our digital dignity with the truth in our realities!  We do not discriminate.  Whether you have a body or a brain, you have a place in our reality.  #RealityMomskathie-lee-hoda-hair


About Joey Fortman

Joey Fortman, 20+ year on-air radio/tv vet, turned MOM, took her career to a whole different dimension when she left the radio business in 2008 to bring her story to life online. With real life recovery of Postpartum Depression after her oldest son Boston was born, Joey started blogging about her loneliness, depression & real life identity crisis.  Watching the digital destiny of women fade away because of the behavior of other women online, Joey chose to help women have a place to live their reality out loud without judgement or fears from their friends on Facebook.  Aside from Reality Moms, Joey has taken her voice to Good Morning America, Today Show, Dr. Oz, The Talk, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends and so many more. When not laughing with her kids, Joey can be found face first in her swear word coloring book.